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How Long After Death Is a Funeral?

When planning funeral services for a deceased love one, often is asked: “When should the funeral should take place?” In most cases, a funeral will take place one or two weeks after the person has passed away. This allows adequate time for surviving family members to make preparations for services, and it also gives adequate time to funeral home staff who will make the body fit for casketing. There are some other important points to consider regarding the timeline of a funeral, and these points are discussed in the sections below.

What Day of the Week Are Funerals Usually Held On?

It’s been true for awhile that the most popular day for funerals in America is Saturday. A range of factors explain why this is, including: less people have to work on Saturday and it’s easier to get people together on the weekend. On the other hand, the least popular day to have a funeral is Sunday. In fact, you may be charged an additional fee at the cemetery for opening and closing a grave on Sunday.

Generally speaking, funeral homes in Marine Park operate seven days a week. Wakes are usually held in the late afternoon and early evening, while funerals are almost always conducted in the morning.

When Is a Body Cremated After Death?

Usually, a body is cremated immediately after death (a few days after). However, this doesn’t have to be the case, and some people wait as long as a month to have a body cremated. If you’re going to have an open-casket viewing, then cremation won’t be conducted until a few weeks after the death.

Why Are Funerals Delayed?

A variety of circumstances can lead to a funeral getting delayed. In most instances, it’s out of the family’s control when a funeral gets delayed. For example, there may be a criminal investigation involving the deceased loved one, so the authorities cannot release the body until a certain time. It may also be that bad weather is preventing the funeral from taking place. And there’s always the possibility of a power outage which would render the funeral home inoperable. In the case of there being a pandemic, there wouldn’t be services. Delaying a funeral is also done so friends and relatives who live out of the state or country can attend.

Can a Burial Take Place in the Winter?

Although less common, most cemeteries can accommodate a winter burial. Modern machinery and tools can open a grave in the winter, even if the ground is hard. If you wish to have a funeral in the winter and bury the remains later on, this is possible, though in most cases a body and casket are buried immediately after the funeral. If you’re burying ashes, delaying is more feasible.


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Last modified: May 29, 2024