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Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Marine Park, Brooklyn

Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Marine Park, Brooklyn

Without a doubt, this is a difficult
time for you and your loved ones. Yet, it’s comforting to know every member of the Caribe Funeral Home staff will do their best to make this difficult time a little easier. It is our goal to help people complete the relationship with the one who has died and to provide an environment that encourages each person to give and receive emotional support.

Whether you choose traditional funeral services or cremation services, our aim is to provide attentive and meaningful help to families during their time of need. The Caribe Funeral Home, which serves residents in Marine Park, can accommodate all types of Visitations, Funeral and Memorial Services, along with Celebration of Life Events.

When You Meet with a Caribe Funeral Director

Within the first 24 hours of your loved one’s passing, you’ll need to schedule an “Arrangement Meeting” with a Caribe Funeral Director. She or he will guide you in making all the necessary decisions. It’s good to know you are not alone. You might consider bringing a family member or close friend with you. While not necessary, it can be beneficial to bring someone you trust for moral support.

Choosing a Funeral or Memorial Service

We understand that every family is different. Influences such as religious and cultural traditions, cost concerns and personal preferences make each funeral as unique as the person who is being honored. Today’s services are often an eclectic mix of religion, spirituality, and celebration. Funeral directors differentiate funerals and memorial services this way: at funerals the body is present, and at memorial services, the body is absent. A Life Celebration is a more contemporary term for a memorial service that is free of format, where celebrating, rather than mourning, is the intent.

Choosing Burial or Cremation

Everything comes into focus once you decide whether to have a burial or cremation. If you choose burial, then you need to select the casket, vault, and cemetery of interment. If cremation is your choice, you have the option to have the body present for viewing before the cremation. You’ll also need to decide whether the cremated remains are
to be kept in an urn, another keepsake or scattered.

The Funeral Documents to Bring with You

When a loved one dies, it’s not just an emotional time, it’s also a time for completing legal paperwork. That involves the filing of the Death Certificate and Burial or Cremation Permit. To assist the Caribe Funeral Home in preparing all the necessary documents, it’s helpful to bring some following with you:

  • Birth Certificate and/or parents’ names
  • Social Security Number
  • Military Discharge Papers
  • Funeral Pre-Arrangement Documents (If Provided)
  • Information About Cemetery (If Provided)
  • Power of Attorney (If Provided)
  • Will and Testament
  • Revocable Living Trust

If you aren’t sure where you can get these documents or have questions about them, please contact us. We are available to you at any time.