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June 28, 2022
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What Determines the Overall Cost of a Funeral?

A funeral can be a time for grieving and a time for celebrating the deceased person’s life. To ensure a proper send-off, surviving family members hold what’s known as a funeral. There are a range of costs associated with funerals these days, and these costs are what this blog focuses on.

Funeral Cost Breakdown

This cost breakdown will help you understand what you’re paying for when you hold a funeral for a deceased loved one. Keep in mind that the prices here are based off generalized statistics and may not reflect prices at your local funeral home.

Transferring the Deceased

You’ll have to pay for the remains to be transported to the funeral home, and you can also arrange for them to be transported to the burial site. Two factors that influence price here are distance traveled for transportation as well as the weight of the deceased. Generally, transportation costs around $200.

Caring for the Deceased

Once the remains are at the funeral home, it’ll be time for them to be cared for. This is when embalming will take place, though you may not need embalming if you’re doing a cremation or a direct burial. But if you’re going to have a wake before the burial, then you’ll need embalming. The mortician will also provide hair and makeup services, dress the body, sanitize it, and restore natural form and color to it. Then the body will be placed in the casket. All of these services collectively can cost between $400 and $900.

Funeral Director & Staff

The funeral director and his staff will need to be compensated for their services. Their price is for consultations with the family, coordinating the day’s events, securing necessary paperwork, and storing the remains. Their services usually cost $2000 or more.

Funeral Merchandise

Funeral merchandise will also be an important expense. For example, if you’re going to need an outer burial container, you can expect to pay more. In general, cremation containers are cheaper than burial containers, and at this stage you can pay anywhere from $500 to $12,500 for a burial container.

Additional Services

You’ll have to pay for renting out the funeral home too. The cost here will depend on what kind of services used. Transporting the body and the family will cost a few hundred dollars, or more if the burial site is far from the funeral home.

Remembrance Items

Remembrance items are an important part of a funeral. These are used to pay tribute and honor the life and legacy of the deceased. Memory boards, tribute videos, and special personal items may all be displayed.

When it comes to remembrance items, you can expect to pay around $50 to $100 for services related to these.

First, let us express our deepest sympathies for your loss. Also, we understand that cost can be a big concern when it comes to holding a funeral. That’s why we here at Caribe Funeral Home strive to be an affordable funeral home in Brooklyn. Call (718) 444-1818 now to discuss your options.

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