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Funeral Arrangements Checklist

Planning a funeral is never easy. This article will guide you through the checklist of choices and funeral arrangements Brooklyn residents have to make following the passing of their loved one.

Most people consider bereavement to be a solitary experience. However, when we share our loss with others, we can unlock our silent grieving and create space for healing. It can be immensely comforting and supportive to share the death of a loved one with others through a funeral, memorial service or celebration of life. We put together this comprehensive checklist to ease your burden of planning a funeral. Read on to learn what arrangements need to be made after the loved one’s passing.


Make Contact with the Legal Representative of the Deceased

Contacting the deceased’s legal representative will enable you to find out if he or she has prearranged a funeral. An outlined plan will provide guidance for funeral arrangements if one exists.

Choose a Funeral Home

Choosing a funeral home and meeting with a funeral director are the next steps if the deceased does not have a Preneed Funeral insurance policy. Planning and executing funeral services is the responsibility of a funeral director.

Decide On the Disposition Method

Human remains can be disposed of in various ways, including burial or cremation. Depending on the type of cremation and embalming required, you’ll also need to determine other preparations for the deceased.

Select a Type of Service

A few types of services include:

  • Religious funeral service
  • Military funeral service
  • Fraternal funeral service

Decide On a Funeral Service Location

Generally, memorial services are held in places of worship, such as churches, but they can also be held in places that held special significance for the deceased.

Find And Schedule A Clergy Member or Officiant 

Pastoral services are performed by clergy, while funerals are conducted by officiants who have no religious affiliation.

Select a Casket

First of all, decide whether the casket will be open or closed at the funeral, if burial is the preferred method of disposition.

Decide On a Burial Container or Vault

Burial containers and vaults are usually made of concrete and enclose coffins to prevent them from sinking.

Make Your Selection of Accessories

Make a selection of clothing, jewelry, and glasses for the deceased.

Choose Final Touches

Ensure that the funeral director is aware of the deceased’s cosmetology and hairdressing requirements.

Choose a Cremation Container

A cremation container or urn has to be selected in the event that cremation has been chosen.

Prepare a Cemetery Plot

Make sure you have the cemetery deed, or proof of ownership, on hand. Grave deeds are documents that confirm ownership of a grave and the right to be buried there upon death.

Interment spaces are designated areas in cemeteries for the burial of urns or caskets.  You will need to secure interment space for the deceased if no plot has been purchased. Once the location has been determined, you will be able to make funeral arrangements Brooklyn for the deceased.

Make Grave Arrangements

Make arrangements for the opening and closing of the grave at the cemetery.

Make Reservations for The Cemetery Chapel

In the event of a graveside committal service, secure use of the cemetery chapel for committal prayers.

Choose a Grave Marker 

The gravestone is a marker placed over the grave to identify where the deceased rests. Choose the appropriate one based on the preferences of deceased or family of the deceased.

Arrange the Visitation

Set up a visitation time and place for friends and family who wish to express their sympathy to the family of the deceased.

Select Speakers

Make a decision as to who will deliver the eulogy, which describes the life of the deceased in a speech or piece of writing.

Make A Memorial Board or Memento Display

You can display the deceased’s personal belongings or photographs to provide a glimpse into his or her life.

Choose Forms of Media

Decide on memorial video production, pictures, music, etc.

Make A Selection of Music

Choose music and arrange instrumentalists and vocalists.

Arrange Flowers

Make arrangements with a florist, select the flowers, and arrange transportation to the funeral service.

Arrange Transportation

A hearse should be arranged to transport the deceased’s body to the cemetery after the funeral service.

Also, arrange for transportation to and from the funeral, cemetery, and reception after the funeral for close family members and lodging for out-of-town guests.

Organize Reception

Decide on a location for the reception following the funeral. Make arrangements for food for the post-funeral reception with the church or a caterer.

Why Should a Funeral Be Held?

Death of a loved one is a very difficult time for those left behind, and funerals serve an important purpose. In the process of healing, funerals provide a space of care and support for surviving family and friends to discuss their feelings and thoughts about death. In many traditions it signifies the finality of death. For the living, funerals serve as a symbol of respect for the dead and as a way to begin grieving for those who have passed away.

Funeral services can be arranged even for cremation recipients. The healing process will be aided by arranging a personalized ceremony or service. The pain of losing a loved one is never easy to bear, but a meaningful funeral or memorial can help take the edge off.

Why Should a Public Viewing Be Held?

Viewing is an important part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Viewing, according to grief specialists, facilitates the grieving process by helping the bereaved accept death as an inevitable part of life. The viewing is encouraged for children if the process is explained and the activity is voluntary,

Does Cremation Require Different Funeral Arrangements in Brooklyn?

Your choice of how to honor a life depends entirely on your own preferences. When you make funeral and cemetery arrangements, cremation provides you with greater flexibility. Depending on the specific circumstances, funeral services could be held before cremation; memorial services could be held at the time of cremation or after cremation with the urn present; or committal services could be held at the final disposition of cremated remains. You can hold a funeral or memorial service in a religious venue, a funeral home, or a crematory chapel.

How We Can Help

There are spacious rooms, ample parking, and an elevator for handicap accessibility at our facility located in East New York. Our personal-tailored funeral services include a variety of options, and we can accommodate all types of funeral events and funeral arrangements Brooklyn residents might want, including Celebration of Life Events. Our goal is to provide families with attentive and meaningful funeral services during their time of need, regardless of whether they desire traditional funeral, immediate or green burial, or cremation services. Our commitment to dignity, respect, and professionalism is the same regardless of your selections.

Funeral Arrangements Checklist

Call us today at (718) 962-0720 to see how we can help and please, accept our sincerest condolences for your loss!

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