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August 3, 2022
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Two Types of Funeral Services: Traditional and Memorial Services

We believe that in a time of grief and difficulty, funeral service is a crucial aspect of healing path as it allows family and friends to connect face to face, laugh and cry together, realizing they are not alone. We, at Caribe Funeral, understand the importance of it and strive to provide reliable and affordable memorial service Brooklyn to all our customers. 

Funeral service plays an important role in the grieving process. When you attend a funeral, you can experience catharsis that forces you to move forward with your life. Funerals provide an opportunity to reflect on the person’s legacy, as well as brainstorm ideas for sustaining it for yourself and for future generations.

There are many similarities between a memorial service and a funeral service. The main difference is that the funerals involve the presence of the body of the deceased when memorial services do not. It is common for memorial services to feature framed portraits or urns as focal points, because in any case, it is helpful to have some sort of ceremony or opportunity to mourn the loss, acknowledge the reality of the situation and begin the healing process.

Memorial Services: What are the costs?

While memorial services can vary greatly in price, they are usually less expensive than funerals. A cremation with a memorial service cost $1,650 on average, according to the Cremation Association of America.  Approximately $925 is the average cost of a memorial service.

But affordable memorial service in Brooklyn isn’t only for those who are cremated.

People often choose direct burial and hold the memorial service at the burial site, church, or chapel afterward.

Preparing For a Memorial Service

You will have to make several important decisions if you choose to honor your loved one with a memorial service. You can create a rich and meaningful memorial by following the tips in this article, but first things first. Let’s reviews what aspects you should pay attention to when planning an affordable memorial service Brooklyn.

Select an Appropriate Location

The absence of the body gives you a lot of freedom during this process. The deceased’s home or a favorite spot may be used for a memorial service. Funeral homes, parks, community centers, parks, parks, gravesides, and even restaurants have been used as places of mourning. Make sure you choose a place that holds a special meaning for you and your loved one.

Choose the Speakers

Make sure a few family members and friends can deliver eulogies, read poems or scripture, or tell humorous or inspirational stories. It will help to honor and celebrate life of the deceased.

Consider Music

Make the most of this opportunity if your venue permits music to be played. In honoring a loved one’s life, playing music is an excellent opportunity to reveal’s one nature and remember who she or he was. Music helps to communicate feelings that may be difficult to express. Perhaps you could play the loved one’s favorite song or another piece of music that ties into his or her life.

Consider a Slideshow

In honor of your loved one’s life journey, play a slideshow at a location that offers this technical capability. You may include photographs or videos of the deceased’s significant life events, places, and people in the slideshow.

Be Sure to Provide Food and Drinks

Many affordable memorial services in Brooklyn might include some kind of food and beverages, although the type of catering varies widely. Some services include full meals, while others offer light snacks.

Prepare A List of Guests

Be sure to send out invitations to everyone who you would like to attend the memorial service. Invite guests who live far away well in advance, so they can make travel arrangements in time for the memorial service.

Prepare Thank-You Cards

You’ll likely need some help in creating a meaningful service, no matter whether it’s formal or informal. Don’t forget to say thank you to those involved. Make sure you stay in touch with your closest friends and family and find people you can trust for support as you begin your journey. The memorial service is just the beginning of the healing process.

It is not uncommon for a memorial service to be held a month or more after the death, so it is important to remember the importance of memorialization in grieving, regardless of whether you choose a funeral or a memorial service. Identify the type of service that best captures your loved one’s spirit.

How We Can Help

Personal attention and uncompromising quality are our guiding principles. The experienced and licensed staff at our funeral home will assist you with personalized funeral arrangements and cremation services. Our employees will carefully consider any of your additional wishes and will do their best to fulfill them.

We take pride in providing a caring and compassionate environment as we serve every one of our clients. We offer personalized funeral and cremation services, memorials, burials, and personalized merchandise through our licensed and experienced funeral directors. Creating a lasting positive memory of your loved one is something we can help you do in a dignified manner.

For over a decade, Caribe Funeral Home has been proudly serving East New York families helping them arrange memorable and affordable memorial service Brooklyn. Call us today at (718) 962-0720 to see how we can help and please, accept our sincerest condolences for your loss!

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