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Memorial Service Planning Guide

Whether you are planning a memorial service for a loved one, or are wishing to learn more about them, some supportive guidance can go a long way towards easing your process. Keep on reading to determine what needs to be done when planning for a memorial service in Brooklyn.

Memorial service planning can be an incredibly inspiring, emotional, and sometimes exhausting and challenging task, especially when you are dealing with grief. Before making a decision, you will need to consider a number of factors, including your own life experiences and relationship to the deceased, what the deceased wanted or what you desire for yourself after death.

To make things easier for you, we have created this simple guide to memorial services. The information here will help you get started and to make the life changing decisions that come along with it.

Memorial Service Planning

The planning process for a memorial service Brooklyn is more flexible than that of a wake or funeral service since it is not held at the time of burial or cremation and does not involve the presence of the deceased. In contrast to a funeral, memorial service may take place weeks or months after the death, allowing the family to plan beforehand and have less expenses and arrangements than traditional funerals.

Memorial Service Planning Checklist

When planning a memorial service, many factors need to be taken into consideration. A few of the most important are:

Guest List

A memorial service’s location, time, and format are determined by the number of guests attending. Make a list of all the people you think would like to be present and then set it aside. As you go along, you may add more names to the list.


Here, your imagination is only limited by scheduling conflicts or travel-related issues that may confront those who will be invited. Make sure to check in with your out-of-town relatives and friends before making any final decisions.


Adding flowers to a venue enhances its beauty and fragrance and reminds guests of the abundance of life around them. Floral centerpieces on the dinner tables would be a nice touch or you could place them on the podium of the speaker. Don’t forget to arrange for someone to be on site to receive the flowers if they are being delivered to a church. After the ceremony, the flowers can be given to special guests or donated to a nursing home or hospital, where they can continue to bring joy to others.

Memorial Conductor

Depending on your loved one’s religion, you may wish to have the pastor, or a church minister perform the ceremony. Today, however, it’s common to hire a nondenominational celebrant to conduct the memorial service Brooklyn.


It is very common for family members and friends to express their willingness to speak at the memorial service; however, there are times when you have to come out and ask people if they are comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings in public. Regardless, you should select those people who have a close relationship with the deceased and may be able to contribute something meaningful.

Appropriate activities

Over the years, Caribe Funeral has seen many innovative ideas for memorial service planning but there is one thing that they all have in common — choose something that allows you to share memories, laugh, and even cry by thinking about what your loved one liked most.

Food & Beverages

There is no right or wrong answer. Some people even organize “potluck” memorial service, where guests sign up to bring selected food and beverages

Readings & Music

For many people, music is an integral element of their lives, and a memorial service is the perfect opportunity to show off the meaningful music of a deceased loved one. You may prefer to read decidedly spiritual selections, or literary excerpts, if your loved one didn’t like music (as it is with many people).

Share the Memories

You don’t need to include every detail of their bio; try to convey their essence through stories or memorable anecdotes. Detailing one brief moment from their life experience can sometimes allow you to reveal their character.


It is common for families to create a tribute video as part of the event. Alternatively, you may wish to create a memory table composed of photographs and other memorabilia.

As a funeral service provider, Caribe Funeral has seen a wide range of memorial services and all of them require significant planning. It can serve as a wonderful way to honor a life well lived and to assist you, your loved ones, and those who were affected by your loved one’s passing in healing. It can be difficult to begin planning a memorial without some structure that still allows room for customization and unique memories. Regardless, when a memorial service is planned well and prepared in advance, it can serve as a means of commemoration and celebration while giving tribute to a loved one.

How We Can Help

We, at Caribe Funeral home understand that a person’s grieving process is not a business deal, but an emotional, human journey that must be treated kindly and with conscience. In order to preserve our community’s dignity and respect, we endeavor to provide affordable memorial services to every member. To make this difficult time easier for you and your family, we can make all the necessary arrangements for burial services in East New York or anywhere else deemed necessary.


Memorial Service Brooklyn

Call us today at (718) 962-0720 to see how we can help with the memorial service Brooklyn and please, accept our sincerest condolences for your loss!

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