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August 11, 2022
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Burial Home Brooklyn
August 13, 2022

The Types of Burial Services

As a family owned and operated funeral home, we believe a burial ceremony should be both sacred and personal experience in honor of your loved one. We offer a wide variety of burial services, including traditional services, graveside services, and immediate burials. Regardless of your budget, Caribe Funeral is here to help you plan a burial service in Brooklyn to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Caused by transformation of social norms over the years, the religious and cultural traditions were changing as well as the approach to funeral services. Nowadays, funeral services cannot be standardized. Various types of funeral arrangements are available, and funeral homes can easily customize them to reflect the individuality of the deceased and to meet the wishes of the family.

Today’s trends such as crowdfunding, green energy also have their effect on burial Service Brooklyn. There are lots of options for funeral arrangements, but the basic funeral services still remain. The basic funeral services are usually divided into four types: full service traditional burial, direct burial, full-service cremation and direct cremation. Traditionally, funeral services include viewings and visitations, a funeral ceremony, and burial.

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional funeral services, also called “full service”, are offered by most funeral homes. A viewing will precede this service. Each member of the attending family has the opportunity to view and pay respects to the body during this stage. In most cases, embalming is recommended for viewings. Caskets can remain closed at the request of the family.

The ceremony is usually held at a church, funeral home or special event place. There are usually prayers, eulogies, readings, and music at traditional funerals. After the ceremony, the crew transport the body to the burial location. Then the body is laid to rest in the grave. In addition to the burial, a funeral reception or repast may be held for relatives and friends of the deceased.

Direct Burial

A direct burial, sometimes called an affordable burial or immediate burial, occurs within a few days after a deceased person dies without a funeral service or other formal ceremony. As part of the burial Service Brooklyn, the death certificate is obtained as well as any required permits, the body is prepared for burial, and transportation arrangements are made to the cemetery.

In case of direct burial, there is no need in embalming, and this is much more affordable option. Funeral costs are also reduced by removing ceremonial services, but cemetery plot costs should be taken into consideration when calculating the total. The location defines the price of grave plots.

Full-Service Cremation

There are several options for cremation services, such as a viewing or a visitation, a funeral service and a basic cremation service. Usually, the body is embalmed for viewing and after the cremation process, ashes are placed inside an urn. The family can keep the remains. Often, family members or friends scatter the ashes at special places. The urn burial can take place below or above ground.

Direct Cremation

Sometimes the formal ceremony is not held. And there is no funeral service at all if the deceased is cremated shortly after death. Typically, in this case there is no need for embalming and the viewing is not being held up. Direct cremation is considered the most affordable burial service Brooklyn; hence its popularity is growing fast throughout the consumers.

Graveside Service

When a funeral service is held at a cemetery or burial site for deceased individuals, it is known as a graveside service (or committal service). A graveside service usually consists of eulogy readings, prayers, and music, although a graveside service is usually brief. The ceremony is led by an officiant, who may provide eulogy readings, prayers, and music (although a graveside service is usually shorter than a traditional funeral service). As the ceremony ends, the body is put into a grave, crypt or mausoleum. It is possible to either bury the cremated remains or scatter them in a columbarium niche after the cremation if the deceased was cremated.

What Is the Difference Between a Memorial Service and a Funeral Service?

The difference between a memorial service and a funeral service is the absence of the body. It is customary to hold a memorial service during a burial, but there are no viewings or visitations before the burial service. Cremated remains, however, can be present during the memorial service if they were disposed of using cremation. A memorial service is held by some families to pay homage to their loved ones, and others recognize it as a celebration of life where family and friends of the deceased can get together in remembrance, share memories, and provide support to one another.

How We Can Help

As a family-owned and operated East New York funeral home, we take pride in offering funeral services of the highest standard, with a high level of personal care and professionalism to help your family through a difficult time. Each family is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion by the professional staff at Caribe Funeral Home. In recognition of the uniqueness of every family, our staff provides personalized assistance to create a meaningful service that honors the life and memory of the deceased.


The Types of Burial Services

During these difficult times, let us provide the kind of service your family deserve and please, accept our sincerest condolences for your loss. Get more information about burial service Brooklyn by calling (718) 962-0226 today.

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