Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Starrett City Brooklyn NYWe at the Caribe Funeral Home understand that the death of a loved one leaves families confused and in great need of assistance. We have been giving top quality funeral services to the Starrett City community for two generations. Our dedication and commitment to providing professional funeral services covers all religions and nationalities. We are always on-call, so you are never alone.

We provide the highest level of care for funerals and cremations. We arrange to have your loved one moved from the place of death to our funeral home or to the crematory, depending on the services you choose. If you would like to view the deceased before the cremation, we can arrange for that, as well.

We prepare your loved one for the end of life services including cleaning, sanitizing, embalming, dressing, casketing, cosmetology, hairstyling and restorative services. If your loved one is to be viewed, he or she will look their best. We have a nice selection of custom coffins which can feature embroidery and engravings, and can have a casket panel showcasing pictures, memorial still picture DVDs, fans, personalized programs, book markers and stationary. Our models come in many colors and materials.

If you choose to cremate your loved one, he or she can be held in one of our many cremation caskets, cremation containers or rental caskets. Use of a rental casket can lower the cost of the service. We also offer a selection of urns to accommodate diverse tastes, including those that have engravings, embellishments or have been made in unique shapes or images.

We encourage you to hold a service of some kind to accompany a cremation, as this will help to provide closure and a setting where you can share your grief with family and friends. You may have a wake with an open or closed casket followed by a traditional funeral and then the cremation. You may also decide to have a cremation followed at any time by a memorial service.

At the memorial, you can devote a table or space for holding the urn with a recent picture of the deceased along with flowers and objects that your loved one cherished while he or she was alive. You may also make a memory book or video with the help of those who knew your loved one. A reflection book may be provided to write down the warmest memories that others shared with the deceased.

Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Starrett City Brooklyn NY

You may also create a DVD or flash drive and use our contemporary machinery to play it at the ceremony. We provide for direct cremations, as well. We get the required cremation permit and death certificate, giving you a copy of the death certificate to use in the settling of the deceased’s accounts and estate.

We refer you to our printers to create the obituary of your loved one that you can send to the newspapers of your choice for publication. We have pastors that visit our funeral chapel to speak at the service, or we can make arrangements with the clergy to find the person who will best officiate the service. We speak to musicians on your behalf at your indication. We also have an arrangement with the florist next door to our funeral home that gets you a discount on flowers if you get all of your funeral services from us. A free casket spray is included with all of our packages.
On top of these services, we assist you with insurance claims, obtaining Veteran’s benefits and getting Social Security benefits. For all of your funeral needs, please choose the Caribe Funeral Home.

Last modified: June 12, 2024

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