Cremation and Funeral Services, Brownsville, Brooklyn

Cremation and Funeral Services, Brownsville, Brooklyn

Thank you for your interest in the Caribe Funeral Home. We have been serving the Brownsville area for over two generations. We are fully licensed funeral home professionals who will work with you every step of the way to create a funeral service that best honors your lost loved one. We service all religions and cultures, so you can feel comfortable with us regardless of your way of life. We are always on call so that you are never alone or lacking guidance.

We have the experience necessary to properly care for your deceased in cleaning, embalming, the application of cosmetics, hairstyling, casketing and providing restorative services if needed. We offer a large selection of custom caskets, with options such as engraving and embroidery.

You may consider choosing to memorialize your loved one using casket panels featuring pictures, personalized programs, book markers, memorial still picture DVDs, fans and stationary. We offer plaques and headstones to fit within your budget. Our chapel comfortably seats 350 of your guests and is highlighted by enhanced chapel services. We have pastors that will officiate your service, and we can coordinate with the clergy member of your choice to lead the ceremony. We arrange for musicians to perform at your service or ceremony at your request.

We offer immediate burials for those on a tighter budget. We also do graveside services, traditional services with a burial and horse and carriage affairs. In the alternative, should you decide to cremate your loved one, we offer you a grand selection of cremation caskets and containers, and cremation urns as well. We arrange to have your deceased transported directly to the crematorium or we can have him or her taken to our funeral home if you would like a brief viewing prior to the cremation process.

We know that many people in the Brownsville community require funeral shipping services, and we provide them intrastate, out of state and anywhere outside of the U.S. We work with consulates and embassies to secure and to translate the needed paperwork to ensure the seamless transport of your loved one in foreign lands. Because of our longstanding relationship with our contacts, we can ensure that your loved one is shipped quickly and with respect, all the while servicing you at a low cost.

We have the merchandise available to demonstrate how much you cherished the person who has passed away, such as with prayer cards, thank you cards and a register book. We provide you with a free caskets spray included in all of our packages. If you decide to receive all of your funeral services from us, we arrange for you to have a discount on all of your flowers from the florist that is conveniently located next door to our funeral home.

You may work with our printers to create an obituary that summarizes the life of your loved one and then have it sent to the newspapers of your choice for publication. We apply for the death certificate from the city and give you a copy that can be used to help settle the decedent’s estate.

We also provide assistance to you in matters of insurance claims, the receiving of Social Security benefits and the application for Veteran’s funds as well.

If you want a dignified funeral at a reasonable cost, please call us at the Caribe Funeral Home today.

Last modified: June 12, 2024

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