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Cremation and Funeral Services in New Lots Brooklyn NY


When you have lost a loved one, getting the proper support is essential. We at the Caribe Funeral Home have been assisting families in the New Lots area during this difficult time for two generations. We are proud to work with people of all religions and backgrounds. Our funeral chapel is peaceful and seats 350 guests, and our service is at all times professional. We offer both funeral and cremation services, and specialize in mortuary shipping, as well.
We arrange for the remains of your loved one to be transported from the place of death to our funeral home. There, we prepare the deceased in line with our rigid standards, including cleaning and sanitizing, embalming, dressing, casketing, cosmetology, hairstyling and restorative services if necessary. Our commitment to quality and compassionate service permeates through everything that we do. We are available to help you at any time, so please always feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.
In terms of funeral services, we are equipped to provide all that you may need. We offer a wide selection of custom caskets in a large array of colors and materials. You may further personalize your choice of coffin with embroidery, engraving and a casket panel featuring photographs, memorial still picture DVDs, fans, book markers, stationary and personalized programs. We also have affordable plaques and headstones for you to choose from.
In terms of burials, we offer immediate burials for those who are more conscious of expense. We can also provide graveside services, horse and carriage service or a traditional service followed by the burial. Whatever choices that you make, we will care for your loved one in the most dignified way possible.
For those who elect to have a cremation, we have an extensive collection of cremation caskets, cremation containers, rental caskets and urns. You may set up a table to display photographs and favored objects of the deceased that reflect his or her personality and interests. This table may also hold the urn with a recent picture of your lost loved one along with flowers. You can work with friends and family to compose memory books or videos. A reflection book may be made available to visitors to contain their favorite memories of the deceased. We make all the arrangements with the crematorium to assess fees and other vital information. We obtain the cremation permit and the death certificate. We provide you with a copy of the death certificate so that you may handle the decedent’s affairs.
We have pastors available and offer enhanced chapel services. Should you have another clergy person in mind to officiate the funeral ceremony, we work with that person to fulfill your wishes. We also speak with musicians to perform at the service if you request that we do so. We have merchandise such as a register book, thank you cards and prayer cards to memorialize your loved one. A florist is situated next door to our funeral home, and a free casket spray is provided with all of our packages. If you receive all of the funeral services from us, we get you a discount on the remainder of your flowers.
If you must ship the remains of your loved one within the United States or abroad, we have premium contacts across the globe to ensure that the process takes place in the most cost- efficient, timely and respectful manner. We arrange for cargo airline transportation, translation of documents, the clearing of customs and the completion of consulate paperwork.
Additionally, we assist you with insurance claims, Social Security benefits and Veteran’s benefits. For all the above services and much more, please contact the Caribe Funeral Home to aid you after the loss of your loved one.