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June 24, 2022
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Funeral Home East Flatbush

What Is a Funeral?

While funerals are known by many names, there are several factors that make a funeral a funeral. In general, a funeral is a service that’s held as a celebration of a deceased person’s life. It’s also a time for the surviving family members and friends of the person to be consoled. There are many ways to conduct a funeral, though in every kind of funeral there are some common elements. The kind of funeral a person decides to have, or the kind their family arranges for them, will largely depend on their budget, beliefs, and cultural traditions. Here’s everything you need to know about what funerals are, what happens at them, and how much they cost. There’s more! Read on!

What Happens at a Funeral?

Funerals across cultures and faiths share some elements, though funerals are far from uniform. In general though, a funeral is a time for the family and friends of the deceased to celebrate their life and share eulogies. In most cases, an urn or casket will be at the front of the funeral home while the funeral is going on. And it’s at the funeral where a representative from the deceased person’s faith may say a few words.

When Do Funerals Take Place?

A funeral usually takes place a week or so after the person has passed away. The funeral is held rather quickly after the death to preserve the body. But even though you have a funeral right away doesn’t mean you have to have a burial right away. In the instance where someone dies in a winter month, you may have a funeral soon after the death but then a burial later on when the ground has thawed.

How Much Do Funerals Cost?

The average overall cost of a funeral is between $7000 and $13,000. This cost is influenced by a range of factors, including the price renting out the funeral home, the price of graveside services, the cost of the casket or urn, the price of the funeral home’s services, the cost of the burial plot and headstone, the cost of transporting and storing the remains, and the cost of after-service refreshments. And don’t forget that cremation is an affordable alternative to a traditional burial.

Are Funerals for the Public?

Generally, the wake is the event for the public, while the funeral is for close friends and family members. This doesn’t mean that the public is barred from attending necessarily; it’s just common practice for acquaintances to come to the wake while the funeral is for friends and family who had deep relationships with the deceased individual.

Can You Have a Funeral Without Having a Wake?

Yes, you can have a funeral without having a wake first. This is usually done to save money. Plus, at a funeral, attendees can pay respects to the deceased individual and send condolences to surviving family members (just like they’d do at a formal wake).

Funeral Home East Flatbush

First off: our sincerest condolences for your loss. Now, please feel free to call (718) 444-1818 and find out how our funeral home in East Flatbush can help you. We’ll run through your options and explain how we can provide a beautiful send-off for your loved one.

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