Arranging the funeral of your loved one may be the most difficult task you will be called upon to perform. Please allow our decades of experience to make this overwhelming experience less painful and more manageable. We at the Caribe Funeral Home pride ourselves in providing the Highland Park community with the best in funeral services at a low cost.

We also take pride in the fact that we make ourselves available to you at all times, day or night. Please contact us whenever you need us, be it for a consultation, guidance or support. We give you personalized service that respects your individual needs and preferences as well as the individuality of the deceased.

From the moment we receive your loved one, he or she receives care at the highest level. We clean, sanitize, embalm, dress and provide cosmetology, hairstyling, casketing and restorative services.We provide both burial and cremation services, and we also handle both domestic and international mortuary shipping. We arrange to have your loved one shipped with the utmost care from the place of death to our funeral home, the crematorium, another state or overseas.

Complete Funeral Services in Highland Park Brooklyn

If you are looking for a direct burial to control costs, we provide that service. We also do graveside services, traditional services followed by a burial and horse and carriage services. We offer you a large selection of custom caskets in many colors and materials that can have embroidery and engravings. We also can install casket panels that feature memorial still picture DVDs, photographs, fans, personalized programs, stationary and book markers.

We have headstones and plaques that fit your budget while pleasing the eye.
If you opt for a cremation, we have numerous choices of cremation caskets, cremation containers, rental caskets and cremation urns. We can provide you with highly personalized urns featuring engraving and urns created in special shapes and images.

We make the arrangements with the crematory, and get all the required paperwork completed along with the obtaining of the death certificate. We give you a copy of the death certificate to use in the process of settling the decedent’s estate. We offer direct cremations, traditional funerals with a cremation to follow and memorial services that take place after the cremation at any time of your choosing.

We urge you to have some form of service or ceremony in conjunction with the cremation to assist in the healing process. You may have a wake with an open or closed casket followed by a traditional funeral and ending with the cremation. You may also have a memorial service for your loved one with the urn presented with a recent photograph of the deceased, flowers and objects that your loved one held dear.

You can put together a memory book or video with the assistance of family and friends. You can provide your guests with a reflection book in which to write down their favorite memories of the deceased. Your choice of music, decoration and location can all contribute to a theme that reflects your loved one’s personality and interests.

We speak to clergy members to arrange the orating of the service, and we also have pastors on-hand to officiate. We provide you with a free casket spray and get you a discount with the florist next door to our funeral parlor if you decide to use us for all of the funeral services.

When you choose the Caribe Funeral Home, we also provide you with assistance with insurance claims, Social Security benefits and Veteran’s benefits.

Last modified: June 12, 2024

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