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June 26, 2022
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Cremation vs. Burial: What You Need to Know

Cremation and whole-body burials have been common practices for centuries. Burying the whole body in the earth is preferred by some cultures and religions, whereas cremation is the norm for others. In the United States, both options are common nowadays, and different reasons lead an individual to choose one option over the other.

This is what the focus of this blog will be on. After you read through the sections here, you’ll have a good understanding of how cremation stacks up against traditional burial and vice versa. And for more information, you can always reach out to our funeral home in East New York.


Cost is the most common reason given when an individual is asked why they chose cremation over traditional burial. While cremations can be expensive (if you add on a bunch of additional services), a basic cremation costs just a few thousand dollars. Not having a viewing, for example, could save thousands. Burial, on the other hand, is usually more expensive because of the processes involved, but this too can be on the cheaper side if there are just a few basic services. In general, there are more costs associated with burying a casket than with burying an urn.

Additional Services

A range of services of our funeral home are required for cremation that aren’t required for traditional burial. One is that the body must be put into a cremation casket. This is cheaper than a traditional casket because it doesn’t have any of the metal pieces and lacks a finish; it’s pretty much just a reinforced cardboard or pine box. Being cremated may also necessitate getting a casket rental for the wake. And transporting a casket tends to cost more than transporting an urn, considering a hearse will be needed for a casket.


An urn burial is different from a traditional burial with a casket. Mainly things come down to the amount of space that’s required for a plot. Some urns are buried, but you don’t have to bury an urn. And then in some cases the ashes are spread in place of having a formal burial service.

Keep in mind that most burial sites have an urn burial price and a casket burial price.

Which Cultures & Religions Prefer Cremation?

Many cultures and religions around the world practice cremation. Buddhism and Hinduism are two religions that encourage cremation. Cremation is also accepted by the Catholic Church, Lutherans, Reformed Jews, Quakers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Anglicans, and Baptists.

Post Burial

One reason why people prefer cremation over traditional burial is because cremation allows surviving family to keep the remains close to them. Surviving family can also spread the deceased person’s ashes according to their wishes. If you choose to bury an urn, you’ll have to purchase a head stone or marker, just like you would if you buried a casket.

Call (718) 444-1818 now to learn more about the burial and cremation services we are offering. The services of our funeral home in East New York have been sought-after for years. And please accept our sincerest condolences for your loss.

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