Caribe Funeral Home, Brooklyn NY, Funeral shippingHello, and thank you for visiting the Caribe Funeral Home website. We are experts in both domestic and international funeral shipping, and we would be proud to arrange the transport of your loved one to or from any state in America or to or from any other country in the world. If you live in Brooklyn, New York, please take advantage of our experience and high-quality service in mortuary shipping.
There are numerous circumstances that necessitate funeral shipping. Perhaps your loved one passed away while traveling abroad. Maybe he or she retired to another state or to another country with a warmer climate, and, sadly, died there, leaving you with the responsibility of arranging to have their remains returned to New York for end-of-life services. Perhaps your deceased immigrated to the United States and now has passed on, and you would like to memorialize and inter him or her in their native land.
We are professional mortuary shippers and our standard package for domestic shipping includes collecting and removing the deceased from the place of death, the filing of required documents, the embalming and preparation of the body if required and a combination shipping unit to be used as both the casket and the permanent burial receptacle. We make the common carrier travel arrangements such as those via air cargo, train or trucking line. We coordinate with the receiving funeral home to ensure that the service takes place without any complications.
For international funeral shipping, the cost is greater than that of domestic funeral shipping because of additional documentation requirements, translation of these papers and increased cost of airline related expenses. We make sure that your loved one passes through international customs. We specialize in international shipping and utilize our contacts and knowledge of the industry to provide your loved one with dignified transportation service at a low cost.
One of our dedicated funeral directors gets in contact with the consulate and embassy of the nation involved. The timeline is very important in international funeral shipping. The timing of the deceased’s arrival in the foreign country and the burial is dependent upon the Office of the Consulate General. We do all we can to ensure that your loved one is moved and serviced as quickly as possible. With all the requirements taken care of, the shipping itself generally occurs within five business days. Nearby JFK airport offers more choices of destinations and flights for international shipping then almost any other. Our contacts permit us to confirm available flights easily and allow us access to discounted programs. In addition to working hard to have your loved one transported with all possible haste, we use all of our resources to keep prices low. We also ship cremated remains internationally and within the U.S. We invite all those in the Brooklyn, New York area to turn to the Caribe Funeral Home for all their mortuary shipping needs.