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Can a Burial Be Held in the Wintertime?

Before modern technology and advanced burial practices, it was very hard to bury a body in the winter. This doesn’t mean such didn’t happen—it was just a lot less common. Nowadays, wintertime burials are possible, and they are held every winter across the country. In the areas that experience cold temperatures, snow, and ice, winter burials are more challenging, but still even in these climates you can have a successful winter burial. Here’s everything you need to know about these kind of burials

How Is a Winter Burial Conducted?

Death can come at any time of year, and when it comes in winter, and in a place where there’s a cold climate, there are some things that need to be done to ensure a proper winter burial. Flatbush Funeral homes and mortuaries are equipped with modern technology now, so they can refrigerate remains effectively and efficiently for as long as needed. That being said, it’s not often you see a mortuary holding a body for more than two weeks.

If the family wants to wait till spring to do burial, then the body will be moved to a mausoleum. The tools needed for a winter burial are a jackhammer, a heater, a backhoe, and a thawer. With these tools, a proper plot can be dug, and filling it in will not be an issue. Modern burial specialists know how to make pots withstand all kinds of weather.

What Is a Wintertime Graveside Service Like?

Graveside services in the winter are a lot like graveside services that happen at any other time in the year; it’s just that these services tend to be colder. Portable space heaters could be employed to warm up attendees. However, in the winter, you run the risk of getting snowed out. You may also need to hire a plowing service if there’s snow covering the approach to the plot. There will also be safety concerns because of ice, and this is why usually a carpet is used at the burial site so nobody trips.

These services are usually fast and to the point, so family members and friends can pay their respects and then get out of the cold. Some families choose to do an indoor gathering instead of a graveside service in the wintertime, as this can be more comfortable. Then some choose to skip the graveside service altogether and instead do a memorial later on.

What Happens When a Deceased Person Can’t Be Buried in the Winter?

As was mentioned earlier, if for some reason a deceased person can’t be buried in the wintertime, it’s likely the funeral home that has their body will store it in a mausoleum until the warmer months arrive so burial can happen then. Some cemeteries, especially those in rural areas, lack the equipment needed to do winter grave digging, so you won’t have the option to bury in the wintertime.

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Last modified: May 29, 2024