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What Happens to a Person’s Ashes After Cremation?

After a person passes away, they have the option of having their body cremated. The cremation process turns the body to ash, and then the ashes are collected and put into an urn. There are a variety of things that a family can do with ashes, and these options are what this blog focuses on.

Keep in mind that several cultures and religions have specific guidelines regarding how ashes should be treated, and these are not discussed in depth in this blog. Discussed here are common practices that have been adopted around the world, as cremation is done pretty much everywhere nowadays. Let’s begin!


What Options Are Available?

Keeping the Ashes in an Urn at Home

One of the most common practices is putting the ashes in an urn and then displaying it in the home. There are some very beautiful urns out there, and you can display one on a shelf, mantle, or end table. You can also set up a special memorial site. Some people even have urns mounted to their walls.

While some display urns in public view, others have them in more personal locations, like on a bedside table or in a special memorial closet. This method is a way to keep the person close to the family, and you could split the ashes into multiple urns so each household has a part of the person to remember.


Using a Columbarium Niche

You can find columbarium niches at cemeteries, funeral homes, and churches. They’re essentially cubbies for urns that are built into large concrete buildings or walls. While most of a niche is made of concrete, they usually have a marble façade, and they’re usually square or rectangular. The person’s name will be engraved on a plaque that’s mounted to the marble, and their date of birth and date of death will be displayed as well. There are also glass niches for those who want to be able to see the urn inside.

One thing to consider is size. You need to have an urn that will be able to fit into the niche. This is something you can discuss with the funeral home in Mill Basin, church, or cemetery where you plan to have the urn stored.


Burying the Ashes

It’s also common for ashes to be put in an urn and buried. This is pretty much like a full-body burial, though the plot will be smaller and therefore this method is more cost-effective. Moreover, you can have two people buried in the same plot if they’ve both been cremated. It’s also possible to have an urn encased in a special protective container before burial.


Scattering the Ashes

Scattering the ashes is another popular option. You can scatter them at the person’s home or at a place where they loved to spend time. Just make sure you follow local laws and regulations when scattering ashes.


Funeral Home in Mill Basin

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