funeral shpping to carribeanThe Caribe Funeral Home would be honored to transport your deceased loved one to and from our funeral home in Brooklyn, New York and any other state in the U.S. or any outside country in the world. We specialize in shipping human remains between our funeral home and the Caribbean. We have served the area for two generations and we provide unparalleled mortuary shipping services. Please call us whenever you need funeral shipping for prompt, courteous and professional service. We are always on-call, so you can feel free to contact us to arrange for transportation or to check the status of your loved one en route at any time.
We arrange for the transportation of your loved one in every respect. If he or she is to be moved from our funeral home to another, we prepare him or her for final arrangement services. We care for your loved one in a meticulous manner, providing cleaning, embalming, sanitizing, dressing, hairstyling and casketing services. We ensure that your deceased will have the best possible presentation through the careful application of cosmetology and, when needed, the restorative arts. We have an impressive selection of custom caskets available for you to choose from. They come in a variety of colors, materials, makes and prices and can feature engravings, embroidery and/or an individualized casket panel.
Our funeral shipping services include the transfer of the remains from where the death occurred to our well-equipped facility. We also provide complete air cargo shipping planning and schedule all necessary flights, using our experience and technology to arrange for the most direct flight routes possible. If your decedent is to be shipped from another location for end-of-life services at our funeral home, we provide for incoming shipment and transportation of the body from the airport. Additionally, we handle transfers from other funeral homes.
For domestic funeral shipping that originates from our funeral parlor, we see to all needed paperwork, including the filing of the death certificate. We provide you with an official copy of the death certificate to tend to matters regarding the deceased’s estate. Additional certified copies from the city may be obtained through us for a fee of $15 each.
With our international shipping packages, you receive our guarantee that all paperwork will be completed, translated and processed in a timely manner. This ensures that your loved one will be transported with all due haste. Using our global contacts with consulates and embassies and our long-standing international working relationships, we see to all consulate paperwork and Apostille document services. Although international mortuary shipping is often more costly than domestic funeral shipping due to added paperwork, different air-tray shipping unit requirements and translations, we labor to use our expertise to keep the costs to you as low as possible.
In addition to receiving our total funeral shipping services, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one will be in the care of compassionate and dedicated funeral providers. From the moment we are entrusted with your departed, he or she will be treated with respect and in a dignified manner. We understand the hardship that you are going through, and we are always here to lend our support and guidance. Please note that we will also ship cremated remains anywhere in America and overseas. For all mortuary shipping needs that you have, please consider the services of the Caribe Funeral Home.