Funeral Shipping in East New York BrooklynHaving your deceased loved one shipped to or from another state or country can be an intimidating process. Please allow the Caribe Funeral Home’s decades of experience work for you in providing mortuary shipping services that you can trust. Serving the East New York area in Brooklyn, New York for two generations has taught us how use our contacts and expertise to have your loved one moved across significant distances with grace and at a low cost. We are on-call 24 hours a day, so you always have a resource to turn to when you are in need of information, guidance and support.
If your loved one is to be shipped within the United States, the Caribe Funeral Home has services to fit your needs. We arrange the move from the place of death to our well-equipped funeral home. We embalm your loved one’s remains and see to his or her preparation via cleaning, sanitizing, dressing, casketing, hairstyling, applying cosmetology and performing restorative services if needed. We schedule the flight or flights to transport your deceased, and can receive and move your loved one from the airport. We take transfers from other funeral homes. When we prepare your departed for final arrangements, we file the death certificate and see to all other mandated paperwork. We give you a certified copy of the death certificate to use for your loved one’s estate management and you may obtain as many additional copies as you need through our firm.
We also have contacts with embassies and consulates around the world to accommodate your international mortuary shipping needs. Very quickly, we send or receive your loved one from anywhere on the globe. Because of additional paperwork, translations of documents and different air-tray shipping unit requirements, international shipping is more expensive than in the domestic setting. The rules that regulate mortuary shipping vary by country, and we make sure that the proper forms are followed so that the shipping occurs as quickly as possible without the duplication of effort and expense. No international funeral shipping may take place without the permission of the consulate. After the paperwork completion and consulate approval, the shipping can be accomplished within 5 business days. Your loved one is treated with respect and compassion while in our care.
There are different reasons that may require you to obtain funeral shipping services. If your loved one has retired to another part of the country or another part of the world and died, you may consider having him or her returned to you for their end-of-life services. If your deceased immigrated to the United States and has now passed away, you may want to send their remains back to the land of their birth. If your loved one expired while away on vacation, you may want to have the services held near your home. We also arrange for the shipment of cremated remains within America and overseas. For either domestic or international shipping services in the East New York area of Brooklyn, New York, please let us know how we can help you.