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International and Domestic Funeral Shipping

In every respect, the Caribe Funeral Home maintains a tradition of excellence and personal service to your family’s needs and wishes when it comes to shipping.

international and domestic funeral shippingIf the body will be air-shipped either from one state to another or from one country to another, Caribe Funeral Homes can handle these arrangements. Our expert staff has extensive experience and a close working relationship with all consulates and embassies. This vast experience enables our staff to cut through red tape and advise our international clientele about affordable airline cargo options. From your initial contact with our funeral director, details for bringing your loved one into our care from around the corner, another state or around the world begins with us.

Our services include:

Transfer from Place of Death to our Facility
Preparation and or Embalming of Remains
Airline Scheduling and Preparation
Domestic and International Shipping
Incoming Shipment and Transfer from Airport
Transfers from Other Funeral Homes
Translation Services
Clearing International Customs
Foreign Apostilles
Consulate Paperwork

International Remains and Mortuary Shipping

We are international remains and funeral shipping specialists, having extensive experience working closely with all consulates and embassies from around the world. This vast experience enables our staff to cut through bureaucracy and advise our families about different airline cargo options and rates.
Examples of international shipping issues that we handle include:

Shipping Requirements

Knowing how to deal with each country’s particular shipping requirements is critical in your loved one’s remains reaching their destination.

Paperwork and Documentation

Understanding and helping to provide the appropriate paperwork and documentation required for international shipping.


Ensuring your shipping needs are met in a timely manner as it relates to getting through the red tape of dealing with other countries.


Translation of your documentation into their respective languages.

Culture and Religions

Understanding of how different religions and cultures approach the funeral and burial process.


Being able to convey various travel, time zone and weather conditions to those who need the information.
We offer a variety of options to meet every family’s needs. Our ability to save money on shipping expenses and our caring and concern for our families is our top priority.

Preparing the Body for Transport

Be aware that some states require that the body be embalmed if it will leave the state, and some states require that the body be embalmed if it will enter the state. In addition, some states require that a body be embalmed if it will be transported via “common carrier,” such as an airplane, train, commercial bus, or trucking line. If your religion has prohibitions against embalming, it’s a good idea to speak with your local religious leader to get a sense of how your community feels about this issue

Receiving of Remains

When a death occurs outside of New York City, you can rely on us to handle all the details. We have contacts in almost every city in the United States and many cities throughout the world. We arrange all the details to transport your loved one home, so you avoid duplication of effort and expense.