Funeral Shipping in Flatlands BrooklynWe at the Caribe Funeral Home are experts at funeral shipping. We have been arranging for the transportation of the deceased for two generations. If you live in the Flatlands area of Brooklyn, New York and require that your loved one be moved to or from the Flatlands area, please contact our funeral home today for more information. We are always available to speak with you concerning mortuary shipping services, so please feel free to call us at any time.
We offer domestic funeral shipping services to any state in the U.S. Our packages include collecting and removing your loved one from the place of the demise to our facilities, scheduling the air cargo or other common carrier transportation, receiving your departed and transporting him or her from the airport. We provide the best in end-of-life care for your deceased including sanitation, cleaning, embalming, dressing, casketing, cosmetology, restorative services and hairdressing. We make sure that your departed looks their best for any viewing services that you may choose. We deal well with transfers from other funeral homes. We work closely with the receiving or dispatching funeral home to ensure the service for your loved one takes place in a seamless manner. When we prepare your loved one for his or her final arrangements, we fill out all needed paperwork and file the death certificate. We provide you with an official copy of the death certificate for use in dealing with the decedent’s estate. You may receive additional copies through us as is needed.
We also make arrangements for international mortuary shipping. Please note that because of the need for additional paperwork, translations and differences in air-tray shipping unit requirements, international funeral shipping is a more complicated and costly process. However, we utilize our contacts and industry knowledge to ensure that costs are kept low and that your loved one is transported with all possible haste. We see to it that all documents are completed and processed in the correct manner. Each country has different regulations that govern mortuary shipping, and these rules are often subject to change. We stay abreast of the current protocols so that the shipping occurs as quickly as possible and that work and costs are not duplicated. All international funeral shipping depends upon the Office of the Consulate General. A consulate inspection may be required and that can take some time. After all the requirements have been met, shipping usually occurs within 5 business days. Please allow our long-standing relationships with consulates and embassies around the globe to work for you in making the shipping run more smoothly. We promise you that your loved one will treated with dignity during the entire transportation process. We can also arrange for the transport of cremated remains in the U.S. or to places abroad. For fast, affordable and compassionate mortuary shipping services in the Flatlands area of Brooklyn, New York, please get in contact with the Caribe Funeral Home today.