funeral shipping in east flatbush brooklynWe at the Caribe Funeral Home thank you for your interest in our company. We have provided the East Flatbush 11203 community in Brooklyn New York with high-quality funeral shipping services for two generations. We are available to arrange the transport of your loved one to or from another state or to or from another country 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday.

We pride ourselves on our personalized attention to each individual family. We serve all cultures and nationalities, and take these differences into account when arranging the transportation of your loved one. For affordable and top-level shipping services, please turn to us.

There are several reasons why people must enlist the assistance of a mortuary shipping provider. Unfortunately, loved ones die when they are traveling abroad, making it necessary to have their remains returned home. Also, the United States has a high immigrant population.

When a member of this group of people dies, their family sometimes want to send them back to their country of origin for final arrangements. Additionally, a large number of seniors move to warmer parts of the nation or to warmer countries. When they pass away, they oftentimes need to be brought back to their families or repatriated in America for end-of-life services.

We offer domestic funeral shipping services that include transfer from the place of death to our funeral home, the scheduling of air flight travel and other common carrier services, receiving your loved one and transporting him or her from the airport. We also handle transfers from other funeral homes. We provide the best in all the preparation services that you may require including cleaning, sanitizing, embalming, cosmetology, hairstyling, dressing, casketing and restorative services.

When called upon to send out your loved one, we fill out all required paperwork and file the death certificate. We provide you with a copy of the death certificate to use in closing the decedent’s estate.

Due in part to increased paperwork, required translations and varying air-tray shipping unit requirements, international mortuary shipping is more involved and costly than domestic mortuary shipping. We ensure that all documentation has been completed properly and all the differing protocols are followed.

We use our contacts and experience to make sure that your loved one is shipped with all speed and at a low cost. We are dedicated to providing quality shipping service and your deceased is always treated with compassion and respect throughout his or her transportation.

The timeline of the transport is important and relies heavily on the actions of the Office of the Consulate General. A professional funeral director from our trained staff remains in contact with the consulate and embassy of the applicable nation. After all the requirements have been met, shipping usually occurs within 5 business days. We also see to the shipment of cremated remains domestically and overseas. We would be honored to arrange for the transportation of your loved one’s remains to or from the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York.

Last modified: June 12, 2024

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