With only one phone call, we provide you with our services anywhere in the world. Caribe Funeral Home is the local Funeral Home with the global ability to handle any circumstances that can arise. From your first contact with our funeral director, details for bringing your loved one into our care from around the corner,another state or around the world begins with us. In every respect, Caribe Funeral Home maintains a tradition of excellence and personal service to your families’ needs and wishes.

These days we are a society ‘on the move’, a global community, and many people move away from their state, or country of origin, be it for work, for love, for recreation, or to serve for our country. However, there is little thought given when death occurs, and what this means in terms of bringing a loved one back home after passing.

Whether you need to arrange to move a deceased family member across the United States, or return a loved one back to their country of origin to their final resting place; the issue of transporting a body calls for extra steps when making funeral arrangements.

Not only does the U.S. have a large immigrant population, many of which choose repatriation to their country of origin upon death; we also have a growing senior population. More and more Americans are choosing to retire to warmer climates in Florida, California, Hawaii or even as far as Mexico and the Caribbean. What does this mean for family when a death occurs? Those left behind are faced with the issue of bringing Mom or Dad back to their hometown to be laid to rest in their designated cemetery plot.

Funeral shipping advice for families

Funerals themselves are not a simple affair with legislation governing many aspects of the process. When it comes to needing to transport human remains internationally or domestically, families can be overwhelmed with the ‘red tape’. Grieving family often do not even know where to start, and can make the mistake of just relying upon their local funeral home, who may not be versant with the complexities of mortuary shipping. The result can be an unnecessary and overly expensive additional cost. The more you can understand about the

protocols and terminology of funeral shipping, the better informed you are and the more you can stay in control of the process.

Domestic shipping (i.e. internally within the U.S.) can often be arranged at a reasonable cost if dealing with Caribe Funeral Home. International funeral shipping can be more costly as additional paperwork, translations and different air-tray shipping unit requirements, can all add to the cost.

Call us to handle your international or domestic funeral shipping requirements.