Cremation Flatbush Brooklyn

We at the Caribe Funeral Home have been providing cremation options to the Flatbush area 11210 and 11226 zip codes for two generations. We offer you and your family the choices of a direct cremation, a funeral service before the cremation and a cremation with a memorial service following it. All our cremations are overseen and handled with respect for your loved one as the ultimate priority. We obtain the cremation permit and provide you with a copy of the death certificate.

Many families choose to cremate because it is typically much less expensive than a traditional burial. Also, those with environmental concerns believe that land is better conserved and preserved with cremation as compared to a casket burial. In addition, cremation tends to be a simpler process than burying a coffin.

With a direct or simple cremation, we generally have your deceased loved one sent directly to the crematorium. We do make exceptions, however, in cases where the family of the deceased has requested to see the body before the process takes place. In these instances, your loved one is bought to our funeral home and a brief viewing takes place.

We also offer funeral services to precede the cremation for families that prefer more traditional features to go along with the cremation. For those who desire a funeral service, we provide you with all of the options of a traditional burial. You may have a visitation or wake two to three days after the passing, and decide upon an open or closed casket. Your loved one will be prepared and embalmed, so that he or she looks her best for a viewing. We also tend to makeup, hair styling, dressing and casketing for the wake.

You may decide to have the cremation followed by a memorial service. Our chapel is open to you and your guests to commemorate the life of your loved one, and the urn may serve as the focal point of the ceremony.

There are many ways to honor your deceased in conjunction with a cremation. You may create a tribute flash drive or DVD and use our facilities to view it with your friends and family. You can choose to have the urn present with a photograph of the deceased at a memory table with other photographs, a memory book, a reflection book and flowers. You can decorate the site of the service in such as way so as to illustrate the things that were important to your loved one. Your musical selection can also convey the personality of the deceased. You may also make a video presentation that includes photographs and possibly interviews and home movies to remember and honor the person who has passed away. This allows people to relive shared memories and find comfort in so doing.

As you can see, cremation offers many choices to demonstrate how much you cherished your loved one. If you are undergoing the painful experience of losing someone to death, please call the Caribe Funeral Home to discuss your cremation options today.

Last modified: March 29, 2019

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