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A Few Ideas for Family Heirlooms

When your loved ones pass, it’s beyond important to preserve the relics and memories about them. Creation of family heirlooms can serve a greater purpose than simply attribute to the burial home Brooklyn service; it can serve as a heirdom in perpetuating the remembrance of the deceased.

Set the world around on pause. Close your eyes. Take a moment and remember. Feel and recall the strongest memories about your loved one. Stay focused on his or her stories of the past. Restore the image of your loved one voice, his or her perfume. Laugh at the jokes, your loved one told you once. Feel the scent of your loved one’s favorite flowers. And then open your eyes. What do you see around? Do you find something that would remind you of their existence? Is there anything around, that raises the warm memories of your loved one? There must be something to wake up your memories after you leave burial Home Brooklyn and go back home to your every day’s routine.

What is Family Heirloom?

As a tradition, there is always something that has a special value only for family members. One family generation hand down this type of an object to the next generations; usually, the older family members pass this thing to younger ones. This “thing” is called family heirdom. Conventionally, a family heirdom holds cultural, emotional, or antique value.

It does not really matter what caused you to research about family heirdom. It could simply be curiosity, or the family tradition. Regardless, a family heirdom is not something created by some stressful process, it is more of a mental procedure. In addition, it is a way to show your creativity, sometimes a fun side. You have to create a remembrance that will link you and your family to ancestors. Such creation unites the family with their common history and traditions.

Heirlooms as an Artwork

The creation of a heirdom is a special artwork. Everyone, who creates a family heirdom is an artist with his own view. This object expresses your manners, emotions, family traditions and values. For every family, the heirdoms are unique.

Of course, it is not necessary to create it by yourself. A lot of families, thinking of family heirdom, prefer to purchase some kind of an expensive item. After this item passes on through a number of generations, it becomes a family heirdom. You should understand that the primary part of any heirdom is its sentimental value not a market price.

Be the Founder

Make sure if your family has a tradition of passing on special items. If it doesn’t, maybe you could be the founder. The family heirdom perpetuates the special moments of your loved one’s life. You can use different accessories such as a watch, ring, vintage closing and so on. This also could be an antique car, or portrait.

If you don’t have anything left from your loved one. That is not a problem, you can take some of your own belongings and pass them on to the next generations.

If you are an artist or craftsman and you can create heirlooms by yourself. It will be a very interesting and unique experience. You can use pottery, canvas, steel, wood, anything you can handle with. An item that was crafted specially for a relative is a wonderful gift as it contains all your love and talent.

For sure, if you are not very crafty, you can find someone, who will become your partner to help you design and create special family heirloom.

Heirlooms in Modern Life

With the development of technology, the more ideas of family heirdoms started to come to life. In the past century it was a great tradition to create family photos and share them with children and then to pass them on to the next generations. Sometimes these photos are shown up during the ceremony at the burials.

It also could be a great idea to create a special photobook, with a number of your family’s photos of different generations. Looking through the pages, you can see the story of your family, watch the lives of your parents and grandparents and show the respect and sadness for their loss.

Your creative mind finds a lot of special types of family heirdom. This could be something taken from daily experience. What do we do every day? The first thing that comes to mind is … eating!

There are lots of families that keep their family’s recipes for meals. These recipes are usually kept in secret and shared only from one family member to another. Every human can remember the smell or the taste of meals, cooked by their beloved ones and such a special experience could become your family heirdom.

What to Ask Yourself When Creating a Family Heirloom

Before you start creating your special family heirdom, you should ask yourself these questions.  The answers are the tips that will guide you through the process.

The first question is “will your family’s next generations be able to use it?” “Is there a need for your heirdom in future?” By that we do not mean a daily practical use, but the emotional or traditional use: a guidance for positive action such as safe protection of heirdom.

The next question is “does the item of family heirdom have any value?” it could be in quantity or sentimental value. The heirdom, which has only monetary value, could be sold once by some of the next generations. The heirdom, which has only sentimental value could be accumulated and kept. From time to time, the descendants will have to make a decision, what item to keep and which heirdom to leave after the ceremony at burial home in Brooklyn.

The last question is “what story could tell your heirdom?” Does it pass on some special experience or maybe tell us about some time period of your family history?

This experience can affect your family’s future. Maybe it will help not to make the same mistake. Sometimes such a story, kept in heirdom, could remind your descendants about your family traditions.


Burial Home Brooklyn

We, at Caribe Funeral East New York, understand that the loss of a loved one is a big ordeal for the entire family. Paying last respects to the deceased is the first step towards overcoming the passing and starting the healing process. If you are in grief, contact our burial home Brooklyn and we will provide you with advice and all the necessary information you need. Call us today at (718) 962-0226 to discuss your options and please, accept our sincerest condolences for your loss!

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