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August 16, 2022

Cheap Cremation Brooklyn

Everything You Need to Know About Cremation

Located in East New York, Brooklyn, Caribe Funeral Home provides unique, dignified, and affordable cremation and funeral services. No matter what time of day or night it is, you can count on us to meet your needs with our quality and personalized service. We won’t pressure you to buy, and there won’t be any sales pitches. You can rest assured that we will help you make dignified final arrangements while keeping things simple. Find out about cheap cremation Brooklyn and what we can do for you by contacting us today.


What is Cremation?

A cremation is a technical procedure used to reduce human remains to bones and other residue through the use of heat and flame. In cremation, bone fragments and other residues are processed, and may be pulverized, so they can no longer be identified as skeletal tissue.  Increasingly, people from all walks of life are choosing cremation over traditional burials because it is more economical and convenient.

Is a Funeral Director Necessary?

Yes, funeral arrangements are made by a funeral director who is licensed and registered in New York and affiliated with an established funeral home in the state.

Among the functions he performs are overseeing the removal of remains from the place of death, filing the death certificate with the appropriate authorities, obtaining the cremation permit, obtaining authorization for cremation, and overseeing the transportation of remains to the crematory.

Is There a Choice of Crematory Facilities?

Yes, you may choose the crematory to use if you make funeral arrangements in advance of your death. In the event that funeral arrangements have not been made prior to death, the person who has control of the deceased’s body – usually the surviving spouse, child or other member of the family – has the right to select which crematory will be used to dispose of the remains. In order to compare cheap cremation Brooklyn facilities, rates, and whether they can meet your needs and requirements, you have the right to contact and visit them. It is also important to remember that only New York crematories must follow New York rules and regulations. A crematory located out-of-state cannot guarantee that it meets the same rigorous standards as a crematory in New York.

Would It Be Possible for Me to Sign My Own Cremation Authorization?

Unfortunately, no. In accordance with Section 4201 of the Public Health Law, a cremation authorization must be signed by a designated agent for the cremation. Additionally, the individual must attest to the removal of all medical implants.

How Do the ‘Ashes’ Look?

Ashes aren’t really what cremated remains look like. Bone fragments are usually left behind after the body is cremated, as well as the container that held the remains and the residue of any materials or foreign matter that were cremated with the body. The cremated remains are stripped of any metallic material and then pulverized until no fragments can be identified as belonging to the deceased. It is typical for the final remains to look granular in nature and to be grayish white in color.

Is Embalming Necessary?

New York State Law does not require embalming; however, based on the type of memorial service chosen, an individual funeral home may require it.

Where Do the Cremated Remains Put?

A temporary container is used to store cremated remains after cremation. In most crematoria, remains are placed in heavy duty plastic bags, which are then placed in rigid cardboard containers. There is generally a seal and label on the container with the cremated remains along with a cremation certificate providing details about the deceased, the date of cremation, and the place of cheap cremation Brooklyn.

Do I Need to Purchase Another Urn?

Although you do not have to buy a formal container to display or bury your deceased loved one, you may want to do so. You can choose from a variety of types, including keepsakes and companion urns. A variety of materials can be used for creating them, such as bronze, marble, concrete, wood, and glass.

After Receiving the Cremated Remains from The Crematory, What Should I Do with Them?

Cremated remains can be arranged in a variety of ways. In some cases, cremated remains may be buried in a cemetery. There is also the option of placing the remains in a columbarium or niche above ground. Names and dates of birth and death can be engraved on the solid or glass front of niches. The scattering of cremated remains is also permitted in some cemeteries. To determine what is permitted in a cemetery, check its Rules and Regulations before using the cemetery for permanent disposition.

There is also the option of keeping the remains at home. The person who keeps the remains should decide what will happen to them when he or she passes away.

As a third option, remains can be scattered at sea or on private grounds with permission from the landowner. There may be restrictions on scattering on public lands, or it may be allowed only with a written permit. Cremated remains must be checked with the appropriate authorities before being scattered.

Why Choose Us

As a family-owned and operated funeral home located in East New York, we take pride in offering funeral services of the highest standard, with a high level of personal care and professionalism to help your family through a difficult time. Each family is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion by the professional staff at Caribe Funeral Home. In recognition of the uniqueness of every family, our staff provides personalized assistance to create a meaningful service that honors the life and memory of the deceased.


Cheap Cremation Brooklyn

Get more information about our cheap cremation Brooklyn by calling (718) 962-0226 today. In this difficult time, let us provide the kind of service you deserve at our Mill Basin funeral home, where we’ll treat you like family. Please accept our sincerest condolences for your loss.

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