Funeral Home in City Line Brooklyn

Funeral Home in City Line Brooklyn
Funeral Home in City Line Brooklyn

A funeral provides the means of remembering the choices, relationships and interests of the person who has passed away. It also provides those left behind the opportunity to reflect upon that person’s life and accomplishments in a proper setting. We here at the Caribe Funeral Home have over two generations of experience caring for families in their hour of profound need. We have been there for the City Line area since 1980, and we continue our presence and support today.
Please sit with one of our fully licensed funeral directors today to discuss how to achieve a fitting memorial for your loved one. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that your questions and issues are never left unresolved. We handle every aspect of the funeral process and will help you by respectfully transporting the deceased to our funeral home and/or to the crematory from the place of death. We assist you in picking a casket or urn, floral selection, choosing the time of the service and deciding upon the cemetery land. In buying outer burial containers and grave markers, we are there to assist you in making decisions that are both dignified and within your budget. We give you a free casket spray along with our services, and can arrange a discount for you on your other flowers if you receive all your services from our company. The florist we work with is situated next door to our funeral home for your convenience.
You may choose from our large selection of coffins in a variety of materials and colors. We offer custom caskets that can be embellished with embroidery and engravings. You also have the option of choosing a casket panel that can feature photographs, memorial still picture DVDs, fans, personalized programs, stationary and bookmarkers. If you have decided to cremate your loved one, we provide you with a selection of cremation caskets and containers, and you may utilize one of our rental caskets for the viewing and funeral service. Using a rental casket will lower the cost of the funeral. We have a nice collection of cremation urns to choose from. We also offer plaques and head stones that fit in your financial boundaries.
We have numerous suggestions that will assist you in crafting a tribute to your deceased that is both personalized and memorable. You may use our state of the art equipment to play a memorial DVD or flash drive. If the deceased has been cremated, you may reserve a space or table to showcase photos and other things that reflect your loved one’s individuality. You may put together memory books or videos with the contribution of those who loved the deceased most. A reflection book may also be provided for putting into writing memories your guests shared with your loved one. You may devote a separate table for the urn to be partnered with a recent photograph of the deceased along with beautiful flowers.
We offer a number of burial options. You may decide from an immediate burial, a simple graveside burial, a traditional service with a burial or an extravagant horse and carriage service. We offer choices to fit your budget, while always treating you and the deceased with care and respect.
At the Caribe Funeral Home, we can transport the remains of your loved one within New York, out of state and out of the country. Please consider us for your mortuary shipping needs as we have low prices and a fine reputation for respectful service.
We also provide assistance with insurance claims, Veteran’s and Social Security benefits.